O: $150 | RO: $100

Road/Show Special

Free Freight on orders over $500


O: $100 | RO: $100

FF orders over $400/ 1st order FF $150

  • Free Freight on any order of $400 or more. (Can be combined order totals of Holiday, Everyday, and Fun Folks products shipping together!)
  • Holiday Dating is available for customers already on NET30 terms and in good standing.
    • There must be $300 or more on the order of holiday products.
    • Holiday Dating on Holiday Products only.
    • These invoices must be paid by 12-1-22.
    • Holiday Terms must be requested as they are not automatically applied.


O: $150 | RO: $100

                          • Holiday Special: 

                          • Order by June 15th for December 1 dating – min. order $300 for dating.



O: $132 | RO: $100


O: $150 | RO: $100

City bird

O: $200| RO: $150



o:  $200/  RO : $150

Cognitive surplus

O: $250| RO: $100

Dear hancock

O: $150| RO: $100

                           Show Special

                                         6 free cards with a $350.00 order or more.

                                                                     ends 7/18

Detox Babe

O: $250| RO: $100

E Frances Paper

O: $150| RO: $150

Show Special

June 20-July 22

6 FREE Cards with orders over $350


Free Freight on orders over $1500


O: $492| RO: $222


Gina B

O: $100| RO: $100

Holiday Special- minimum $350 on Holiday items only

Option A: Order, Ship and Pay by July 31: 5% Discount plus FF

Option B:  order and ship by August 32: December 1 Dating (customers in good standing) plus FF

Option C: order and ship by September 30: December 1 dating (customers in good standing) No Returns


Good Plant Hemp

O: $200 RO: $100



Great Arrow

O: $150 RO: $100





Hemlock Goods

O: $200 RO: $150



Let ‘Em Bloom

O: 45 bulbs




O: $450  RO: $200


Holiday Early Buy Special

June 20- July 31st

$750-$1999 1 free tester per scent

$2000 + Free Testers (1 per scent ordered) and a 7% Freight Cap

Seasonal Fragrances ship 9/1

Holiday Fragrances ship 10/1

Lucky Feather

O: $250 RO: $150

       Road/Show Special

           Free Freight on orders over $350


O: $150 RO: $100

Meri Meri

O: $750 RO: $300

Road/Show Special- Independent Account Channel ONLY:

  • 5% discount for orders over $500 (MUST note on order when submitted)
  • 10% discount for orders over $2000 (MUST note on order when submitted)
  • Orders can be combined – Everyday, and AW to reach the above dollar amounts.
  • Discounts cannot be combined with any other promotions and are based on a single ship to location. 
  • Dates of promotion: June 22nd – July 22nd
  • Ship Dates: no set dates required.
    • Please note that we are at DC capacity and cannot ship any more orders the first two weeks of August. All NEW Halloween orders will need to ship on August 15th or later. All NEW Christmas orders will need to ship September 1st or later.
  • Orders already submitted will not be adjusted. This promotion if for all NEW orders submitted within the above window- it is a road/show special tied to the tradeshows.

Prebuy Incentive US:

For customers to take advantage of our Early Buy Incentive they MUST place their orders no later than June 30th to be eligible for discounts.

US Account Incentive:                                                                                                        

  • $750+ – 5% discount 
  • $2000+ – free freight, no discount 
  • Early buy orders cannot be combined with any other promotions and are based on a single ship to location. 
  • Promotion is limited to items in the AW 2022 catalog only. 
  • Everyday items cannot be added to orders to achieve a promotional discount. 
  • Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year’s orders can be combined to achieve a discount but orders with different ship dates must be written separately. 


Ship Dates:                                                                                          

  • Start ship date for Halloween and Thanksgiving is July 1st
  • Start ship date for Christmas/New Years is August 1st



O: $400 RO: $150

Summer Sun Incentive


 Retailers will receive 3 free pairs* of sunglasses based on their order

Polarized Sun orders:
• Peepers will send 3 pairs of polarized sunglasses in the same style


 Reading Sun orders:
• Peepers will send 3 pairs of reading sunglasses in the same style
• One of each strength: +1:50, +2.00, +2.50

*Peepers will choose styles from current line, please do not add/request
specific styles on the order; free styles cannot be returned or swapped

Order must include “SUN INCENTIVE” in the order notes to qualify


Potluck Press

O: $150 RO: $150

Pretty Alright Goods

O: $150 RO: $100

                      Early Bird Special

                                                                   $350+ 10% off
                                                                   $550+ 15% off

                  Summer Show Specials: 

                                                                   **July 11-31**
                                                                      $225 5% off
                                                                      $400 10% off 
                                                                      $550 15% off 
New customers receive free freight 

Quotable Cards

O: $200 RO: $100

Redback Cards

O: $200 RO: $100

Rifle Paper Co

O: $300 RO: $150

Show/Road Special:

7% off all $1500+ orders placed between Monday, June 20th and Friday, July 22nd. Conditions and requirements are listed below!

  • $1,500 order minimum – Fall and Holiday orders must be submitted separately (based on availability dates) and must total $1500 individually in order to qualify for the discount.
  • This cannot be applied retroactively & cannot be combined with any other promotion/discount

  • “Show Special” MUST be noted on the order

  • Order must be submitted between 6/20 and 7/22

  • Order must ship by 10/1

  • Product can include everyday and/or holiday

  • Fall product will ship in July and Holiday product will ship in August.- if you combine Holiday with Fall, order will ship in August

Roger La Borde

O: $150 RO: $100

Holiday Dating

Ship Between August 10-September 30  get Dec 1 dating

Must reference holiday dating


O: $150 RO: $100


O: $250 RO: $150

The First Snow

O: $200 RO: $150

Waste Not paper

O: $250 RO: $125