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Soozan Mazer Mendel

The Soozan Mendel Sales Group, formerly Kate Conway and Company, is an independent, travel-based sales rep group. We have been proudly servicing the retailers of upper and lower Michigan for more than 25 years. We delight in bringing specially curated artisan lines from all over the world to the best and brightest shop owners of the great state of Michigan!


Our seasoned Reps cover the entire state, each of us residing in the region where we sell.  We are all just a short car ride from the upscale gift shops, boutiques, gourmet grocers, stationery and invitation shops, museum stores, art galleries, independent pharmacies and booksellers we service. 


The Soozan Mendel Sales Group is all about connection. In a world that is quickly becoming virtual, we need, now more than ever, to foster genuine human connection. Never underestimate the power of real, in-person relationships – as they will never go out of style. We look forward to connecting with you soon!

Soozan Mazer Mendel

248.225.4473 - f: 248.479.2337

Soozan Mazer Mendel, Principal of The Soozan Mendel Sales Group began working with Kate Conway and Co in 2013 and recently acquired the company from Kate in July of 2021. She rebranded the group as The Soozan Mendel sales group but has maintained the same integrity and connections that have guided this rep group for over 25 years.  Soozan is a graduate of the University of Michigan and received her Master’s in Social Work from Loyola University in Chicago. She is married and a mother of 3 grown and flown children!

Susie Pleune


Celebrating over 30 years in wholesale sales!  Born and raised in Western Michigan.  I am passionate about establishing new relationships, working with my retail partners, and achieving sales success with our fabulous retail vendors.  When I’m not spending time on our wonderful lines you can find me at the lake surrounded by my 6 loving grandchildren and family.

Mary Thut

248.797.0374- f: 248.479.2337

Mary is the newest member to our team.  She covers Northern Michigan. She originally hails from Cleveland Ohio.  Currently, Mary lives part time in Petoskey and part time in Southeast Michigan.  Mary brings to our team enthusiasm and an exceptional eye for the finer things in life. Her excellent taste and affable personality will be a huge asset when working with retailers and manufactures.

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